Beyond Existence is a third-year, community-centered bass music festival operating out of Central Texas. The purpose of this event is to spread love and foster meaningful connections throughout a community of caring individuals, creating an ever-growing celebration of close friends and friends yet to be made. This year, the genre of focus will exhibit heavily hip-hop influenced bass and glitch music with touches of melodic and experimental elements. In addition to the visual production and top-notch tunes, you can expect to see art installations, lounge areas, flow toys and above all, countless smiling faces!

Relinquish this reality and join us on a journey BEYOND EXISTENCE!

This year's festival includes the option to camp (free of charge) for two full nights in order to provide a safe environment to party without a worry in the world.

We will be providing more details as the dates grow closer, so stay in touch and up-to-date!

Location: Texas Music Ranch
5220 FM-973
Austin, TX, 78724

Nov. 19th – 21st, 2021
Begin: noon
End: noon
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We are releasing a set number of tickets to the public before any lineup will be announced. This event includes 2 nights of camping.

$63.30 incl. 5.50% Sales Tax

$84.40 incl. 5.50% Sales Tax

$105.50 incl. 5.50% Sales Tax