Safe Space takes place on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month 📦

This is a unique and intimate experience for many reasons: one being our rooftop silent disco and open decks. 🔊
- Downstairs you can listen to Bass music from some of the regions local talent & more!
- Upstairs you’ll see 3 different DJ’s playing and can experience three different types of music with up to 18 different DJ’s playing throughout the night via our silent disco! 🪩 🎧

This is your "Safe Space" where you can freely express yourself, without prejudice or negative judgement 🫂
If you want to get involved in the Safe Space community please reach out. We’re here to support our local scene; so whether you’re interested in performing, want to offer resources, or anything mental health and wellness related please get in contact!

Everyone deserves a Safe Space 🎶 🌈 💜

Ticket sales have ended but are available at the door!

Where does the event happen? The Nines
2911 Main Street.
Dallas, Texas 75226

When does the event happen?
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A service fee of $1.49 per ticket will be added on top of each order.


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